My name is Zita Som and I am the artist and founder of Rock Salt Prints.


Based in the UK, my art journey took a home-spin when I decided (during my maternity leave) that I’d quite rather stay home and raise my children, while following my passion and dreams.


I began creating my treasured collection of art prints suited for the nursery, and soon my collections grew, as did my 50,000 followers. This inevitably meant I needed to grow from the baby phase to that of a small business, and expose my art to even more collectors who might grow fond of my style and ideas.


From nursery art print collections to fictional superheroes, and even collectible Star Wars editions, I hope you find something frame-worthy and original for your walls.
My art print journey has led me down many different paths, and they have all been a part of my creative process as an artist, mother, and entrepreneur.


Thank you for stopping by and learning more about Rock Salt Prints. I hope you stay a bit and find something you can’t be without.


Please follow Rock Salt Prints on our social channels and stay connected. (From wherever that might be.)


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