Finding that perfect print for your walls is potentially a lengthy task. In the end, it’s about finding the perfect fit and we are here to make it easier!

Pictures may not be on your moving-in list checklist but empty walls make a big difference on the feel of your new home. It can feel quite daunting if buying art doesn’t come naturally. Browsing our online gallery can seem intimidating at first, but choosing art for your home is much more intuitive than you might think. Just like fashion or music, your taste and preferences are an expression of you – images are no exception!  A place to start is by first considering:

  • What inspires you?
  • How would you describe your style?
  • Is there a colour palette you are trying to work within?
  • What feel/style do the other elements of the room already have?
  • What kind of colour tones are you looking to incorporate in your room?
  • What space are you looking to fill?
  • Will the piece be a focal point within the room?
  • What is the natural light in the chosen room?

Now you have a brief of things to consider when looking for the right piece for you.

What do you love?

Here at Rock Salt Prints we have a variety of styles available at your fingertips. Now you can move beyond your walls too, with stylish cushions, phone cases, chopping boards and surface protectors that are more than just functional. Our range includes abstract, minimalistic, graffiti, travel, skulls pieces and more!

To get an idea of what you want to have in your home, start from one print or image in our range that you like (even if it isn’t right for the room you have in mind). Look at other recommendations we make or browse outward into other work in that category. As other things catch your eye, use those as inspiration from other prints to explore.

If you are still unsure check out new arrivals, best sellers or even our gallery walls. Here we have handpicked designs that complement each other and will look great on your wall.

Once you have had some time to go through enough of our range to get an idea of what you really like, the only thing left to do is use this research to find the piece that ticks all of your boxes and is something you genuinely love. Here it’s best to use your instinct. You see a piece. You love it. You just know it’s right.

Art can have such a powerful, visceral connection so choose art that intrigues, compliments and brings happiness.

Ready to get started on finding your perfect, personal piece? 


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