Reveal your adorable side with unconventional animal posters

Anthropomorphic Animals: An artist’s representation of animals with human characteristics. The style is popularly used in fables and fairy tales and now art, bringing animal characters to life.

At Rock Salt Prints animals are close to our hearts. We have invited animals into our home making them our beloved companions and worked hard to preserve the welfare of wild animals too. While animals in clothes may seem unfamiliar at first, they are depicted regularly in pop culture making characters relatable and adding interesting symbolic dimensions. More recently, posters and canvases featuring animals in clothes have become a popular choice for home decor and is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd.

Are you an animal lover or have a friend or family member that loves their furry friends? Why not treat yourself to a personalised pet illustration! Any they make a perfect gift too! Have some fun and create a character for your pet with an admiral or pirate costume. We can design awesome bespoke portraits featuring your own four-legged friend.

From vintage style to modern, we have lots of wonderful fusions in our animal, nature and spiritual range. At Rock Salt Prints we think animals dressed up in clothes are adorable. Our selection of animals in uniform are unique and eye catching. Discover our exciting animal artworks from tropical flamingos, jungle cats and cute dog posters.

Want to see more? Check out our anthropomorphic animals range in our animal, nature and spiritual collection featuring dynamic posters, canvases and home furnishings in a variety of styles, all available at your fingertips.

Can’t see your favourite icon? We offer personalisation and can incorporate your favourite piece directly into your current décor.

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Can’t see the right colour or icon? We offer personalisation and can incorporate your favourite piece directly into your current décor. Contact us to enquire about your unique, personal piece.

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