Did you know that skulls have been used as good luck charms in several cultures with the power to ward off illnesses and spirits? Skulls have lots of other meanings throughout the world such as transformation, change, power, and protection. Here are just some of our favourite uses of them!

Why not embrace skulls with some stylish wall art? Here at Rock Salt Prints we have a bespoke collection of skulls to pique your interest. We love creating new and fun ways to showcase skull fashion with pop art graffiti, monochrome, animal print and more! Skull fashion is very popular, with more and more art and furniture embellished in all shapes and sizes with skulls.

Headline Fashion

The skull is one of the most common signs used in the fashion industry and has grown in popularity. It is the perfect expression of uniqueness! From biker gangs to rock stars and fashionistas, it is the standing trend icon used to enhance thrilling art, accessories, clothes and jewellery. Today Skulls are everywhere! It goes without saying that skulls won’t be going out of fashion any time soon and remain iconic pieces.

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday, where skulls are decorated and garnished in bright colours and patterns to commemorate the dead. They are always made to look exotic with colourful and whimsical patterns celebrating the lives of family and friends that they have lost. Today, they are easily recognisable and used to decorate all kinds of things due to the bright colours and intricate details.

Quirky skull decorations

The image of the skull represents something different to each person and, for many, it’s now a stylish decorative feature! The diamond encrusted skull by Damien Hirst For The Love of God was one of the most popular skulls and played a part in changing the dark and grim connotations behind the skull from macabre to trendy. You can now find replicas inspired by his dazzling skull splashed across t-shirts, painted and printed onto decorative items.

These are just some of our favourite things about skull fashion. At Rock Salt Prints every skull lover can find the one that suits their taste. We have a wide selection of fantasy, superhero and floral skull designs. Inject life and vibrancy into your home with a gallery selection or even make a statement in the kitchen with a chopping board or splashback.

Want to see more? Check out our quirky and eccentric skulls range.

Can’t see the right colour? We offer personalisation and can incorporate your favourite piece directly into your current décor. Contact us to enquire about your unique, personal piece.

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