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Cloakroom Lady on Toilet Acrylic Shower Waterproof Wall Panel

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Product Description

Whether you love art or just looking to decorate your home, this acrylic wall panel will give you a WOW factor.

Please note – current lead time is 14 working days on all acrylic panels. 

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Order Your sample pack here: https://rocksaltprints.com/product/acrylic-wall-panel-sample-pack/ 

Product Details:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 5mm thickness – 30 x the impact strength of glass, yet only half the weight
  • Smooth Glass-like High-Quality finish
  • Can be fitted directly over new or existing wall finishes, including tiles
  • Cut to your exact size – custom sizes are also available
  • Can be cut and drilled with normal power tools – please see our video under Installation tab
  • The artwork is designed to fit your custom size, you won’t lose part of it
  • We offer Colour match and Personalisation
  • Screenshots will be provided after payment received and before printing.
  • Pattern match design
  • Fast & Easy Installation – Must use solvent free and neutral silicone / adhesive glue, standard silicone will damage the print on the back. 
  • Hygienic & easy to clean, WIPE & GO – A hygienic, wipe-clean solution
  • High scratch resistance and easy to clean due to durable hard coating
  • 30 year warranty
  • Made in Britain – Delivered direct by experienced couriers

Easy to install – Must use solvent free silicone / adhesive glue
Waterproof Shower Wall Panel, can be used anywhere in the house or garden.
Proven patterns & color – Bring Life, Motivation & Happiness to your Walls
Our designs are printed on the back of high quality acrylic sheets.
Printed in-house, made in the UK.
Designed by Rock Salt – Forget about Boring & Non-personal pieces, you won’t find these anywhere else.
Tested & Approved by 1000+ Customers – Use previous customer’s experience to make the right choice
Choose from more than 1500 artworks – Create an ambiance that will make your life better every day
Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. … We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Due to variations in the photographic and printing processes, the colours shown on this website may vary when compared to the actual product . We reserve the right to amend the specification of the products shown without prior notice

More Product Information

We are all about customising and creating you a personalised shower wall design you will love for years on years. If you can’t see what you are looking for, please contact us so that we can design you the perfect look. Our artworks and patterns will flow seamlessly and we design the artwork to your custom sizes, so you won’t crop part of it. We can change colours, textures patterns of most of our designs, or even create you a personalised, one of a kind piece! Our maximum width is 1500mm, if you require wider panels, we would design the artwork on several panels to create the look you desire.

Our waterproof wall panels are ultra-modern and grout-line free alternative to tiles, Splashbax Acrylic or Real Glass Wall Panels are ideal for use in shower enclosures, around and behind baths, easily update your old looking kitchen walls or to create stunning feature walls inside and outside.

Shop our huge selection of acrylic range shower wall panels, an innovative way to customise your bathroom’s shower enclosure. Want more choice? Most of our artworks can be made as a shower wall. If you have your own image we can use that too.

Please email Pete: pete@rocksaltprints.com or call us 07900241338 to discuss options and custom sizes. We can cut these to size for you too.

We can also do single colour acrylic wall panels to go with any of our designs.

Available today at Rock Salt Prints, with £45 standard delivery to most parts of the UK.

In addition to providing a highly stylish backdrop to your enclosure, acrylic range shower wall panels also provide essential waterproofing. An ideal alternative to tiles, shower wall panels are easier to install, are completely waterproof and feature hygienic wipe-clean surfaces.

For added ease of use and to help minimise wastage, all of our acrylic sheets can be produced exactly to your specifications, including cut to size, polished and drilled.



Our acrylic panels are the best on the market.. fact!

Solid, reverse printed, 100% waterproof acrylic panels. Durable and robust.

No wood involved like showerwall, no brittle PVC and no front printed fading and peeling design!

Quality sometimes costs a little bit extra, but remember you buy cheap you buy twice!

The Rock Salt package!

We don’t often do generic, off the shelf. We offer a fully customised service, unique to you and your requirements in every way.

Why do we conform to generic and boring patterns?

We spend fortunes on our bathroom renovations only to settle for, well mediocrity. Be bold, be brave, be a beautiful butterfly!

Firstly, we cut to your exact measurements. This will save you a fortune on installation costs. You simply glue into position in a matter of minutes!

Design work. We will help design your chosen artwork to fit onto the wall, whatever the shape or size.

Did you know, we will run an image throughout multiple panels or shower area, to give a seamless and flowing feel.

Colour match – weather its new taps or a new vanity unit, we can match colour and tone to streamline all aspects of your bathroom..

A Personalised touch can be added, be it a pet illustration or a family name or favourite lyrics and everything in between!!

Why not give your existing bathroom a facelift…Our panels can be glued straight onto your existing tiles to create a fresh faced feature wall to add a burst of colour and vibrancy!

You and your bathroom deserve more, the best in fact.

Get in touch with Pete on 07900241338 or pete@rocksaltprints.com

To unlock the potential awaiting your bathroom!



Always follow the adhesive manufacturers instructions when using silicones in wet areas. Always ensure to test your silicone in an inconspicuous area as silicones can contain fillers that may damage your Rock Salt shower / kitchen panel.


Panels must be thoroughly inspected upon receipt for damage or visible defects. The panels are supplied with a protective clear film to the decorative face, this should be peeled back to check for damage or discrepancies in colour* where necessary then replaced to provide protection during installation.

Do not install panels that you find to be defective.

Once the panels or profiles have been cut or installed we regard this as an acceptance of their quality and suitability for purpose and therefore we cannot accept any subsequent claims for faults or damage.


Panels should always be stored flat to avoid bowing.

  • Panels should never be stored outside.
  • Neutral Cure Solvent Free Adhesive should be stored in cool dry conditions between 5 ‐ 25°C


Acrylic panels can have extremely sharp edges and we advise that suitable gloves be worn for protection when handling and installing them.
Extra care should be taken when handling, dry jointing and installing larger or shaped panels that have cut‐ outs in them as excessive flexing can cause cracking around the cut‐outs. We can cut your panel to the desired size, just let us know your exact measurements.

Planning & Preparation

Before you undertake any type of installation it is always wise to carry out a degree of planning that might save you a lot of time and grief later on. Below are some points that may help.

  • Panel Lining Surface

Acrylic panels must be fitted to a continuous surface such as plaster board, existing tiling, chipboard & plywood sheathing and tile backers providing the surface it is sound, plumb and level. Some surfaces do require pre‐ treatment before installation, tiles should be de‐greased and fresh plaster should be sealed with a proprietary PVA sealer.

It is important to ensure that there are no areas of wall to be clad where there are distinct differences in shading such as tape lines in plaster boarding as these can show through when installing lighter colours.

  • Services

Necessary pipe work should be fitted and short tails left where they are to pass through panels. Electrical cabling should be in place and routed to avoid subsequent fixing points.
Shower trays and baths should be fitted in position, these should also be sealed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

  • Allowances

The Acrylic panels are subject to expansion and contraction during normal use so it is necessary to make allowances for this during installation. If the profiles are not being used then a 3mm gap should be left between the edge of a single panel and any adjoining surface, this gap should then be sealed with solvent free silicone.

Expel air pockets by pushing air out of the top end of the panel. Immediately clean away any excess silicone or adhesive. Trapped air can cause the shower wall to warp and buckle due to the trapped air expanding. We recommend not to seal over the top all the way.

Tools & Fixings

Tools and fixings that you will need to install the panels include –

  • Jigsaw, circular saw or router
  • Screwdriver
  • Mastic Gun
  • Measuring tape & pencil
  • Masking Tape
  • Neutral Cure Adhesive
  • Solvent Free Silicone Sealant

Sizing & Cutting

Before cutting you should make sure that you have taken into account any allowances for profiles that are to be used.

The acrylic panels can be cut either using a circular saw, jigsaw or router. Whichever method is used, it is essential that the panel is face upwards, well supported and clamped in place to prevent chattering.

How to cut Acrylic

Make sure you have a nice firm base on which to cut the board on. Any form of flex in the acrylic when applying pressure from cutting makes for a real possibility of cracking or splintering.

Use a fine bladed circular saw, fine bladed jigsaw or fine bladed hand saw.

Mask up. Cut slowly!

You can use a speed bit/wood bit to drill through. Again, drill through a nice firm base. Drill slowly.

Top Tip: Applying masking tape to the soul plate of the saw or router can prevent scratching.

Circular Saw

Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blades that are designed for metals or plastics should be used as these will be fine toothed and give the best finish, the following recommendations should be followed

Jig Saw

Jigsaw blades that are specifically designed to cut Acrylic should be used such as the Bosch T101A or Makita A-85721 B-21 if these are not available then a fine toothed blade such as those designed to cut metals should be used. A high speed should be selected and the rotary action switched off.


A straight TCT fluted cutter should be used with a cutting speed of 4500m/min

Twist Drills

HSS twist drills specifically made for metals or plastics can be used and will have a point angle of between 60° ‐ 90°. Standard drill bits which generally have a much flatter point angle can cause the acrylic to crack these drill bits can be re‐sharpened to achieve this angle. When drilling a slow speed should be selected and the acrylic panel must be supported below.

Hole Saws

Hole saws can be used to cut the Acrylic panels but must be the type designed to cut metal sheet and the pilot drill must have a point angle of between 60° ‐ 90° as above.
The panel must be supported from behind and It is recommended to drill half way through the panel then turn over and finish the hole from the other side, this will prevent the edge from shattering. The edges of the hole should then be de‐burred with 100 grit paper.


Shaped cut‐outs can be formed by drilling 8mm diameter holes in the corners of the required shape and then cutting between using a jigsaw with an acrylic blade. It is important that the panel is supported at all times. With all cut outs a radius of at least 4mm must be left in the corners failure to do this can lead to the acrylic cracking.

Prepare your walls with Acrylic Solvent Free Primer. Freshly plastered walls must be 100% dry before adding primer and adhesive glue as the plaster can suck moister out of any liquid including glues which can cause issues with the panels such as falling /becoming detached from wall. Primer would also remove any dust from the services. Please make sure you DO NOT use PVA!

Adhesive application

Only a Neutral Cure Solvent Free Clear adhesive should be used. Dry fitting should always be carried out before adhesive application.
Apply the adhesive in a minimum of 7mm diameter beads in vertical lines 100mm apart to the wall surface also ensure that beads applied around cut outs. Remove the clear protective film from the back of the panel to expose the painted surface before bonding.

To glue the panel to the wall, run vertical lines of glue down the wall at intervals of 100mm, gently press the panel to the wall and use a straight edge to press the panel firmly to the wall.

When installing two sheets you must allow for a 3mm silicone gap around each edge to compensate for sheet expansion and contraction or a 6mm silicone gap on either the right or left edge and the top or bottom edge.

Apply the panel to the wall within 30 minutes of adhesive application and using a straight edge apply even pressure to the surface to ensure a uniform finish.

It is advisable to leave an air gap along the top edge, so silicone both vertical edges and the bottom edge and not the top. This will allow air/trapped air to escape.


Preparing the panels with masking tape before sealing can
save a lot of time cleaning off excess sealant later on in
the installation, especially at the bottom joints where a larger coved seal will be formed.

Sealing at the bottom

A 3mm ‐ 4mm gap must be left between the bottom of the panel and top of the shower tray or bath, this can be achieved by using packers when fixing panels. The gaps should then be sealed ensuring that the silicone is forced into the void.

Sealing at apertures & Cut‐outs

A clearance gap of 2‐3mm all around should be allowed where pipes or fittings come through the panel even where collars are to be fitted. The gap should then be filled with sealant.

Fitting through Acrylic Panels

Fittings such as shower attachments, screens, towel rails, etc. can be fixed directly through the panels using suitable fixings. Heavy items will need solid fixing points behind the panels to provide the necessary support, these should be considered when planning your installation.

Watch a short video of how to cut your Splashbax Acrylic Shower Wall Panels designed by Rock Salt Prints.

We recommend you prepare your wall surface with some plaster primer, as per the example below.

This will help with adhesion between the wall surface and the acrylic panel.

Please do not use PVA as this could burn through the image on the back of the acrylic panel, much like using solvent based silicone. (Neutral cure/solvent free silicone/adhesive must be used)

Please use this plaster primer if possible: Click Here

Product information

Reduces background porosity & consolidates dusty surfaces

  • No special precautions necessary
  • With plaster, render & plasterboard

Features and benefits

  • Improves adhesion bond
  • Quick drying
  • Water based polymer dispersion for priming plaster walls
  • Permits the use of cement based adhesives on plaster
  • Environmentally friendly, increases open time of adhesives



Any questions, just call Pete on 07900241338

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    Stunning Acrylic Shower Panel Designs
    To anyone wanting a unique and stunning design for their shower room, you must look at their designs. We decided on the Elvis print 2240 x 1700. Pete, from Rock Salt Prints helped me at every stage including cutting the panels to size for a perfect fit. At 5mm thick they are rigid enough not to ripple or leave a uneven surface. My wife is so happy with the outcome. Well worth scouring the net for! Thank you.
    - Nick Folkard, Norfolk
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    I will be back…
    I ordered 2 framed prints from rock salt prints. They came quickly and packaged well, the quality is great and they look amazing! Thank you Rock salt I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
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    Dollar Baby Splashback
    I ordered 2 pictures from these guys, had one delivered and second one on it's way within a few days of ordering I'm so impressed with the pictures, just perfect for my son's room and unusual prints. i was going to purchase from Wayfair but decided to give the smaller company my business, was a win win as i supported them and i got them for a great price! i'm very chuffed!!
    - Lisa West, London
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    Excellent products, quick service
    Bought a Marilyn chopping board. Company were thorough to inform me on my email that I wouldn’t get it before Xmas. Then I did! Was so happy! Love the chopping board, beautiful design. Would highly recommend!
    - Claire Stevens, Surbiton
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    Highly Recommend these guys!
    We’ve purchased a few items from Rock Salt Prints and I was fortunate enough to have a bespoke print purchased for me for Christmas by my wife. The quality is outstanding and whenever we have visitors they are always discussion pieces. I would highly recommend Rock Salt and we will for sure continue to be loyal customers.
    - Paul Law, Chester
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