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Benefits of having shower panels in your bathroom

Zita Som | 9/10/2023

With our shower panels, enjoy the satisfaction of creating a stunning and waterproof bathroom environment at your own pace and with exceptional results.


While we offer common sizes online that suit most shower trays and bath areas, we also provide the flexibility to create any panel in the precise size you require, down to the millimetre.

This level of customization ensures that your chosen image is flawlessly designed to fit the available space, creating a harmonious and captivating visual within your shower area. Whether it’s a single panel or multiple panels, we ensure a seamless flow that eliminates the need for guesswork. You can rest assured that we’ll provide visual representations, allowing you to preview and approve the design before production. With Rock Salt Prints, the end result is a shower installation that exceeds your expectations, delivering a truly bespoke and stunning experience.


At Rock Salt Prints, we take pride in offering some of the widest and highest panels available on the market. With wider panels, you’ll enjoy fewer visible joins, creating a sleek and uninterrupted visual aesthetic. In fact, we can print panels in a single piece, reaching an impressive maximum size of 1.5 x 3.0 meters.

However, it’s essential to consider practicalities before ordering exceptionally wide or tall panels. Please ensure that these panels can be comfortably maneuvered through your house, including stairs and doorways. We want to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free installation process. For wider walls, our panels can be easily butted up together, seamlessly blending to create a cohesive and expansive design.


At Rock Salt Prints, we take pride in offering perfectly smooth panels that eliminate the hassle of grout maintenance and scrubbing textured surfaces. With our tough semi-gloss hardcoat finish, not only is the printed image protected, but it also boasts anti-microbial properties and chemical resistance, ensuring a pristine appearance that lasts for years.

Keeping your panels sparkling is a breeze with just a soft cloth and regular bathroom spray cleaner. Say goodbye to arduous cleaning routines and welcome a bathroom that effortlessly maintains its allure. With our panels, you’ll love living in a space that exudes cleanliness and durability, creating an environment that truly enhances your daily living experience.


At Rock Salt Prints we’ve designed our panels to be perfectly suitable for DIY installation by competent customers. With comprehensive fitting instructions included, you’ll have all the guidance you need to achieve a successful installation. What sets Rock Salt Prints apart is the convenience of a single panel covering a large area, making the process quicker and often more cost-effective compared to traditional tiling methods.

The thin 3mm and 5mm profile of our shower panels offers added flexibility, allowing you to apply them directly over existing tiling if desired. This means you can enjoy a swift and watertight bathroom makeover without the need for extensive tile removal. Our panels empower you to transform your space with ease, providing a hassle-free solution for DIY enthusiasts seeking convenience and efficiency.


Our Di-bond panels are constructed from a robust aluminum and plastic composite “sandwich,” making them naturally 100% waterproof, eliminating concerns of swelling, rusting, or deterioration over time, which are common issues with plywood or MDF-based panels. Additionally, our panels are proudly manufactured in the UK and are entirely recyclable when their long life cycle concludes.

Furthermore, we apply a UV-cured printed image to the panels and finish them with a durable, abrasion-resistant, and easy-to-clean hardcoat finish. This enhances protection and ensures long-lasting color durability for your panels.

Our acrylic shower wall panels are crafted from a durable and high quality acrylic material, offering inherent 100% waterproofing. This eliminates concerns about decolouring, rusting, or deterioration over time, common issues with traditional tile or other wall materials. Additionally, our acrylic panels are proudly manufactured to high standards and can be fully recycled at the end of their long lifespan.

To enhance both protection and color durability, we apply a UV-cured printed image to the back of the acrylic shower wall panels and finish them with 200% white paint coat. This ensures that your shower wall panels not only maintain their pristine appearance but also provide long-lasting performance. Please only use our adhesive and primer with our acrylic range.

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    Stunning Acrylic Shower Panel Designs
    To anyone wanting a unique and stunning design for their shower room, you must look at their designs. We decided on the Elvis print 2240 x 1700. Pete, from Rock Salt Prints helped me at every stage including cutting the panels to size for a perfect fit. At 5mm thick they are rigid enough not to ripple or leave a uneven surface. My wife is so happy with the outcome. Well worth scouring the net for! Thank you.
    - Nick Folkard, Norfolk
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    I will be back…
    I ordered 2 framed prints from rock salt prints. They came quickly and packaged well, the quality is great and they look amazing! Thank you Rock salt I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
    - Lucy Connor, Oxfordshire
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    Dollar Baby Splashback
    I ordered 2 pictures from these guys, had one delivered and second one on it's way within a few days of ordering I'm so impressed with the pictures, just perfect for my son's room and unusual prints. i was going to purchase from Wayfair but decided to give the smaller company my business, was a win win as i supported them and i got them for a great price! i'm very chuffed!!
    - Lisa West, London
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    Excellent products, quick service
    Bought a Marilyn chopping board. Company were thorough to inform me on my email that I wouldn’t get it before Xmas. Then I did! Was so happy! Love the chopping board, beautiful design. Would highly recommend!
    - Claire Stevens, Surbiton
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    Highly Recommend these guys!
    We’ve purchased a few items from Rock Salt Prints and I was fortunate enough to have a bespoke print purchased for me for Christmas by my wife. The quality is outstanding and whenever we have visitors they are always discussion pieces. I would highly recommend Rock Salt and we will for sure continue to be loyal customers.
    - Paul Law, Chester
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